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The business was formed in 2001 with a desire to supply & install bathrooms & heating systems, but with the emphasis on personalised bathrooms at an affordable cost.
The demand for installations increased with the construction industry boom (for both bathrooms and heating systems). It was at this point when, in an attempt to manage the growth without compromise to the service, the decision to team up with like-minded tradesmen that offered the other necessary services (tilers, builders etc.) was taken.
As with all new ventures, the task of finding businesses with similar ethics & aspirations wasn’t straight forward as the demand for work was high, which in turn attracted many ‘tradesmen’ with little or no background or practical experience; a problem that still plagues the industry to this day. Through a combination of time & recommendation, the businesses with which we now have associations have demonstrated competence with quality workmanship and have the testimonials to back up their reputations.
After almost a decade of trading, we believe that this approach to business is the reason why we’ve managed to sustain our workload through the years; and with the new & developing technologies on the horizon (particularly solar & renewable energy) it’s our intention to be able to offer these solutions with the same principles.

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